Innuè: beauty, which is always in the hands

Innuè is a subsidiary trademark of D & D Group, which was founded in 1993 and in a short time became a benchmark to the Italian fashion market. The brand name refers  to Inuit - indigenous peoples of the American north. Their rich culture and unique philosophy formed the basis of the Innuè concept.

The main point of the Inuit’s philosophy is living for today, paying attention to the feelings, appreciating each emotion and sensation, enjoying every event. The designers of Innuè have tried to message this simple, but at the same time deep concept in the delicate natural aesthetics of their collections.

The Brand’s Feature

Despite the fact that Innuè relays the northern philosophy, and combines it with Italian traditions as well, the brand is completely different from its "compatriots". This is a reinterpretation of the classics: the designers have turned the everyday tote bag into a luxurious and noble accessory, and have changed glamorous evening to more informal and ironic ones.

Exclusivity and quality

All products are manufactured right in Italy in small batches, since craftsmen perform much of the work by hand. Some models are produced in a single copy, which is exclusive. Moreover, only the best materials and modern technologies are used during the process of production.

Who is Innuè for?

Innuè bags are the choice of successful, purposeful women who do not accept compromises. The choice between beauty and convenience for them is unacceptable, as they can choose everything at once. Innuè combines all of these characteristics: it allows you to feel comfortable and free, but at the same time emphasizes the outfit of its owner


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