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Fashion 24K Gold Collection

With the aim of an advanced technology,  24Kt and 18 Kt pure gold dust comes deposit in a homogeneous way on any kind of soft surfaces:  leather, calf skin, croc, sneak, python, silk or fur. All the art works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Our technoloy is a process which will deposit over soft surface puregold 24ktandgold 18kt. Is a new way of a stunning process which plays with theGold that applies to leather, crocodile, pyton, iguana, snake, fur and lace. The atom of the Gold blends with the surface creating a total developed resistance of the absolute quality. The advanced technology makes gold fluffy likefur, smooth likeleatherand soft likesilk, an apt transformation in the fashion arena. With Andrea Balestra’s certificate of authenticity, one can be sure that the material used is genuine.

As it is, all Andrea Balestra products have a repute of manufacturing with thefinestand genuine materials, making each of their handcrafted products aspreciousas the materials used. This technology is subjet to numerous quality controltest.


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