When Trends Come Together With Traditions

The clothing brand Diego M is relatively young - it appeared in 2003, that is quite recently, in  comparison with the Italian fashion giants. However, the company has already become famous far beyond its homeland.

The founders of the company are the stylist Diego Mazzi and his wife Manuela Bortolameoli. Before foundation of the company Mazzi had been designing high-end fur products for about 30 years, and used his wide experience in the new project.

Brand Specialization

The main sphere of the company's activity is creating outer clothing: jackets, coats, raincoats, down jackets, lambskin coats and others. The favorite materials are leather and fur. In Diego M collections we can see a variety of styles: exquisite classic, casual, and fashion-forward items that the millenials would call with a deep word swag.

The uniqueness of Diego M

Diego M has a multifaceted concept, which opens up in a new way in every collection. The main principles and values ​​of the brand are:

- Love for fur. It is not an easy task to show that fur is not a bourgeois excess and remnants of the past, but a beautiful, noble and durable material that can become a harmonious part of any style and outfit.

· Combination of Italian traditions and last trends. Each collection of Diego M is influenced by ethnic style - it can be barely noticeable, expressed in a special collar shape or arrangement of clasps, color combination or minimalistic decoration, but it can be found almost everywhere. Such careful keeping traditions is strikingly combined with the most modern and up-to-date fashionable techniques.

· Functionality. Many models of Diego M clothing are bilateral, waterproof or have other functional features  that make them convenient for everyday life.


Collections of Diego M are regularly presented on Milan Fashion Week, and there are many famous people among  the fans of the brand, including "Miss Italy" title winner Kristina Kyabotto.


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