Luxury Cashmere From The Heart Of Italy

Cashmere is one of the most wonderful natural materials. It is exceptionally soft and light - such clothes make you feel as if a puffy cloud covers you. Even woven of the finest fibers, cashmere excellently retains heat, and yet - it is skin healthy and does not cause allergies. Of course, all of this concerns only natural materials of the highest quality, for example, the products of Distante Cashmere.

Brand products

The founder of the company, Andrea Distanet, has been working with cashmere for many years. In the beginning he designed clothes for popular fashion houses, and then created his own brand; in  2012 he opened his first boutique.

In Distante Cashmere collections there are elegant dresses and suits, cozy cardigans and sweaters, luxurious coats and everything else. These clothes are for confident women who prefer feeling comfortable and relaxed even in a business suit or an evening dress.

What is Distante Cashmere famous for?

Andrea Distanet calls his style exquisite beauty. Distante Cashmere clothes are not far from conformism, but they definitely have their own unique character. At first glance, the colour scheme of collections seems to be monotonous: shades of gray (anthracite, wet asphalt, concrete, ashen), cream white scheme (pearl, milky, pale beige), occasionally details of a muffled coral-red colour appear. Despite such modesty, every Italian woman will unmistakably recognize the clothes of Distante Cashmere.

The clothes of the classic cut dominate in the collections, but some details, like light asymmetry, unusual length of sleeves or trousers, an original collar shape, ethnic pattern, black lace, add special charm. Particular attention is paid to the texture: chunky knitting lights clothes up -  you want to touch them and trust them with your comfort.


The main boutique Distante Cashmere is a real fashion-space, located just within a few minutes walking distance from the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Here are the headquarters of the company, its very heart, where new ideas are born. The space covers more than 300 square meters in a unique building, the oldest parts of which were built in the 12th century. The collections are also presented here -  in the Gothic entourage elegant cashmere clothing looks especially luxurious.

Distante Cashmere clothing is the choice for independent and business women. Among others, Emma Bonino, state and political figure, was noticed with a scarf from the winter collection.


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